Lone Working

Many of us do – how can we be safe?

Even if most of the time you work in a busy store or office, you may be a remote or lone worker at some time.

“Working Alone” or “Lone Working” means working in an area or in circumstances, where there are no other workers present. In the event of an emergency there is no one to give assistance, or to summon help.

Do you work alone?

  • In petrol stations?
  • In kiosks or shops?
  • Outside normal hours – e.g. cleaners & security
  • In warehouses or storage depots?
  • Plant maintenance?
  • Working late or opening up can also constitute lone working.

All employers have a major responsibility for providing a safe and healthy workplace and systems of work for their employees.  This includes developing procedures and providing training.


To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to assist them in working safely while alone

What is covered on our 3 hr Lone Working course?

  • An overview of relevant safety Legislation
  • Lone Working procedure as set out in your Safety Statement – if you don’t have one, we will assist you.
  • The hazards of Lone Working
  • How to carry out a Dynamic Risk Assessment
  • Safe procedures for Lone Working
  • Your personal security and how to be sure
  • Raising the alarm.


We also carry out a written assessment.

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance issued by FPPI which is valid for 2 years.

Our course is aimed at Lone Workers; and Line Managers and Supervisors with a responsibility to manage Lone Workers.

 This course can be provided over health and safety training via zoom dublin ireland

Maximum number of learners : 20
Course duration : 3 hours

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