Audiology Screening Programme

How the service is provided in Conjunction with an Associate Company

  • A Mobile Testing Unit, is driven to the client’s workplace, parked away from extraneous noise sources, and is connected to a power source (normal 3-pin socket required).
  • Set-up and full systems check is then performed, including a sound check in the Audiometric testing booth contained within the office space in the Mobile Testing Unit.
  • Set-up normally takes about 30 minutes before any employee is tested.

The process involved

  • Each employee is individually seen, and is brought through a pre-test questionnaire on a computer that covers aspects of their working and personal health history that could influence their hearing, e.g. previous employment with regard to noise, including exposure to gunfire (and any use of hearing protection for both), noisy hobbies/pastimes, head impact injuries, illnesses, family history (deafness only), head cold within the previous two weeks, etc. This is followed by an otoscopic examination of the outer ears with the results noted on the questionnaire. This normally takes about 7-10 minutes.
  • Re-tests (the following year or later) do not require the same questions as the information is already gathered, with only details of current hearing protection usage, head cold within 2 weeks, and ear health since the last test is examined. 
  • After the pre-test questions, the person is seated in the sound booth, headphones fitted and a response button given to him/her. The sound booth door is closed and the test is performed using a PC850 Audiometer (with Audibase 5 software) which is calibrated annually. Although completely enclosed, the sound booth has a large viewing window which allows light from the office space into the booth. Each test averages 5-6 minutes.
  • All employees for testing must not be exposed to noise prior to the day of the test, and if they are, hearing protection must be worn (this is noted on the questionnaire).
  • When finished, each person signs a print-out of their complete test and questionnaire results (giving permission for the results to be passed to their employer).

The Reporting Structure

  • At a later date, the client receives:
    • A list of those tested and corresponding test results by HSE (UK) Categorisation (i.e. 1=Normal Hearing Level, 2=Mild to Moderate Hearing Impairment, 3=Severe Hearing Impairment, 4=Rapid Hearing Loss, U=Unilateral Hearing Loss), comparison to last test (if applicable), and if any action is required by the employer, i.e. to inform the employee that he/she is recommended to attend a doctor as a result of the hearing test screening.
    • An analysis of the total numbers tested, showing a summary of overall results.
    • An explanation of the hearing test report.
    • Health & Safety Authority Guidelines on Audiometry.

Other matters

  • Our service is fully insured.
  • All tests are conducted by British Society of Audiology certified personnel.
  • We are providing this on-site service to all types of industries and companies for the past 20 years (references available on request).
  • Completion Certification granted with Report
  • Duration : up to 25 participants screened per day.

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