Work Placements

  • Did you ever wish that you could give someone a longer interview?
  • Did you ever employ someone only to realise within a matter of days that their resume does not match their skills?
  • Have you ever wished you had given the other candidate a chance?
  • Have you ever employed someone and realised that whilst you want to keep them they would be much better suited to a different  position in your organisation?
  • Has your organization got corporate social responsibility?
If you answered yes to any these questions than perhaps you may consider offering someone a work placement.

Placements are designed to assist unemployed people develop their skills and gain real work experience. From your companies perspective it gives you the opportunity to offer someone a fresh start with real on site work experience. It also allows you the time to fully ascertain someone’s strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to assess their suitability to your organization.

FPPI provides support, employability training and recognized qualifications to help people to improve their skills and find a job. Work placements are a significant part of FPPI business.

The duration of the placement is negotiated and is set to insure that both the candidate and the company obtain maximum benefit.

Participants will retain their benefits as long as they continue to satisfy the criteria for their social welfare payment. There is no cost to the employer and FPPI participants are covered by FPPI insurance while on employers’ premises.

Pre Placement

  • Meet with your company  to ascertain your needs
  • Present your company with specific candidates who are deemed meet your criteria.
  • Work Placement training course
  • Prior to any interview, the prospective candidates will be given background on each company and a full job spec for the position.
  • On conclusion of the interview FPPI will contact both the candidate and the company.   An analysis of the interview is carried out and feedback is provided to both the client company and the candidate.

During Placement

  • Continually monitor the progress of the placement
  • Assist the client company with any issues that arise
  • Assist the candidate with any issues that arise
  • Provide support and Back up to both Client Company and Candidate

Post Placement

There is no obligation on you to continue beyond the period of the placement. However, if the placement results in a in a real job for the participant there will be no recruitment fees charged.

The Government’s new Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive Scheme may apply where an employer creates a new job and a candidate has been unemployed for six months or longer. Further details are available from:

Benefits to your company

  • Access to a pool of up-skilled, highly motivated individuals local to your organisation.
  • An extended time period to better assess a candidates strengths and weaknesses at no cost to your company.
  • An opportunity to carry out “a 2 week 6 month interview” with a prospective employee.
  • Access to FPPI expertise and support.