Managing Intoxicants in the Workplace

Managing Intoxicants in the Workplace

  • 4% of Irish Companies cite alcohol as a leading cause of short term absence for males
  • Almost 1 in 5 treated for alcohol also reported using one other substance
  • In 2011, 860 samples tested positive for drugs (Medical Bureau of Road Safety)
  • The S.H.W.W. Act 2005 requires employers to ensure that employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to the extent that they endanger their own or others health and safety.

Are you managing your workplace safely?

Aims of Course: To provide the learner with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement a system for managing intoxicants in the workplace

Course Content:

  • Intoxicants
  • Safety Legislation
  • Policy on intoxicants in the workplace
  • Testing for intoxicants
  • Written Assessment

The course is aimed at those who are required to: develop, plan for or implement policy and procedures for managing workplace intoxicants.

Maximum number of learners: 20 Course duration: 1/2 day

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